OEM results | Offshore wind’s turning point | EU/China trade war

Welcome to the ‘Wind Power’ news review – hosted by Windpower Monthly’s editor, Claire Warren, and deputy editor, Ian Griggs, with a panel of expert guests.

This time in the news review: Major Western turbine manufacturers have released quarterly or full-year results, but what do they say about the OEMs' relative financial health and which of them is likely to move into profitability first?

Meanwhile, in the wake of Ørsted’s shock cancellation of Ocean Winds 1&2 last month, US regulators and the UK government appear to be heeding developers' warnings to make projects financially viable, so is the tide turning for offshore wind?

And finally, there are ominous signs of a trade war brewing between the EU and China over what some European wind industry representatives have described as “unfair competition” from their Chinese counterparts but is it necessary and are Chinese OEMs even interested in the European market?

Our panellists are Shashi Barla - director and head of research in renewable energy at the Brinckmann Group – and Will Sheard - director of analysis and due diligence at the consultancy firm K2 Management.

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This episode was produced by Czarina Deen and Inga Marsden

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