What does the wind industry want from COP28?

Senior wind industry figures from GWEC, Vestas and Arup come together to discuss what they want policymakers to agree on at the forthcoming COP28 conference later this month.

Starting on 30 November and running for nearly two weeks the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP28, will bring together world leaders, business and NGOs to discuss the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions caused by fossil fuels - but will global policymakers act decisively?  

This year’s conference, to be held in the United Arab Emirates, will include a global stock take of the progress made since the landmark 2015 Paris Agreement, in which countries pledged to reduce carbon emissions and step up the roll out of renewable energy in order to limit the potentially devastating effects of climate change – but how far off-course has the world drifted since the agreement was signed?

In the 19th episode of the Wind Power Podcast; Ben Backwell, chief executive of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), Morten Dyrholm, group senior vice president of communications and public affairs at turbine manufacturer Vestas, and James Theobolds, director at engineering and sustainability consultancy Arup, come together to discuss what the wind industry will be calling for from world leaders at COP28.

Is the stated aim of tripling renewable energy deployment by 2030 possible, let along realistic? How far off course has the world drifted since the Paris Agreement and has the time now come to override objections to the installation of wind power from the public in the face of the existential threat to human life on Earth?

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This episode was produced by Czarina Deen and Inga Marsden

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