‘Industry first' green hydrogen PPA underwrites French wind farm repowering

Kallista Energy will sell wind-generated electricity to green hydrogen producer Lhyfe under a 15-year corporate power purchase agreement (CPPA) that will help secure bank financing to repower the wind farm.

The Brachy repowering project will feature five Vestas V126-3.0 wind turbines (image credit: Frank Boutrup Schmidt/Vestas)

The companies said this is the first time that the emerging green hydrogen market has provided sufficient visibility for a CPPA to be signed. The contract will allow Kallista Energy to secure bank financing to repower one of its wind farms while providing Lhyfe with a power supply for its future green hydrogen production sites. 

Kallista Energy’s five-turbine 12.5MW Brachy wind farm, located in France’s Seine-Maritime region, is nearly 17 years old. The repowered Brachy, due online in mid-2024, will feature five Vestas V126-3.0 wind turbines, with a total capacity of 15MW. 

The wind farm’s output, estimated at 46GWh/year, will be used to power Lhyfe’s green hydrogen production sites; one that has been in operation in Pays de la Loire since 2021 and two new units in Brittany and Occitanie, due to be commissioned by the end of the year. 

The three units will have a combined production capacity of 4t/d of green hydrogen. Lhyfe has announced further projects in regions such as the Central Loire Valley and eastern France.

“The complementarity of renewable energy and green hydrogen is doubly virtuous: wind energy, transformed into hydrogen, makes it possible to quickly decarbonise industries that cannot use electricity directly, and hydrogen makes it possible to eliminate wind energy variability thanks to the flexibility of electrolysers,” said Frédéric Roche, chief executive of Kallista Energy. 

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