ACWA Power sets up hydrogen export route via Amsterdam port

Saudi energy firm ACWA Power has signed a memorandum of understanding with Zenith Energy Terminals, GasLog and the Port of Amsterdam to conduct a feasibility study for a green hydrogen export corridor.

ACWA Power wants to use the Port of Amsterdam as a green hydrogen export corridor (image credit: Jorg Greuel/Stone via Getty Images)

The corridor would connect ACWA Power’s hydrogen production sites with the port of Amsterdam. The stakeholders may sign a joint development agreement to define roles and responsibilities, and engage with prospective offtakers near the port of Amsterdam.

The parties will also investigate incentives that could promote demand for green hydrogen. The Dutch government has earmarked €9 billion up to 2030 – of which €300 million is reserved for imports – to develop green hydrogen production and distribution.

Zenith Energy Terminals operates energy storage and distribution facilities in the port of Amsterdam and is developing an open access liquid hydrogen import facility to give hydrogen producers access to Dutch and European hydrogen markets. GasLog supplies liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipping services.

The infrastructure will offer hydrogen producers like ACWA Power the option to ‘regasify’ their liquid hydrogen for:

 Delivery to national hydrogen network HyNetwork;

 Distribution within the port and Dutch hinterland; 

 The export of liquid hydrogen via barge and truck to inland offtakers, including Schiphol airport.

The MoU builds upon a previous agreement between Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands to cooperate in sectors such as clean hydrogen, marine transport technologies, standards and certification.

ACWA Power is developing several projects, including the $8.5 billion NEOM in Saudi Arabia, powered entirely by renewable energy. The company is developing a green hydrogen project in Uzbekistan and pursuing others in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere. 

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