Norwegian firm set to trial tilting floating offshore wind turbine design this year

Norwegian company World Wide Wind is due to install a 30kW prototype of its innovative tilting floating wind platform before the end of this year.

It has reached a deal with AF Gruppen to install the platform at the Norwegian engineering and construction company’s yard at Vats in the south-west of the country.

World Wide Wind told Windpower Monthly that it aims to install the prototype before the end of 2023, with installation more likely in December than in November. The company plans to operate the prototype for 3-4 months, a spokeswoman added.

It is designing a turbine that features two counter-rotating rotors on a leaning, single tower structure, with a mooring system anchoring it to the seabed. 

The turbine is also stabilised by the generator being placed at the bottom of the structure. World Wide Wind claims this helps the turbine to tilt with the wind. 

It aims to trial a 1.2MW pilot turbine in early 2025. It aims to launch a commercial 24MW turbine before 2030, and believes it could eventually scale its turbines up beyond 40MW.