OX2 eyes e-fuel production from Swedish offshore wind

Wind farm developer OX2 and Finnish limestone company Nordkalk have agreed to collaborate on the production of e-fuels using power from a planned offshore wind farm off the coast of Gotland island in Sweden’s Baltic Sea. 

OX2 has launched a pilot study with Nordkalk, which refines limestone for fertiliser products, on the future production of e-fuels using electricity from OX2’s planned 5.5GW Aurora offshore wind project in the region. 

The synthetic fuels are made by combining hydrogen — which can be produced using electricity from wind farms — with carbon dioxide.

The e-fuels could subsequently be used in Nordkalk’s production operations, and as fuel for shipping and other heavy transport, OX2 suggested. 

OX2 is developing wind farms in the region amid hopes of turning Gotland island into a green growth and development hub. 

The pilot study will investigate the suitability of the Storugns harbour in the north of the island for development in line with the plans to create a green energy hub in the area.