Hystar plans electrolyser factories in Norway and US by 2030

Electrolyser manufacturer Hystar has announced plans for a fully automated 4GW electrolyser factory in Norway and for expansion into North America.

Hystar plans to build a fully automated 4GW electrolyser factory in Høvik (Image credit: Morten Falch Sortland/Moment via Getty Images)

Construction of the new factory in Høvik, west of Oslo, will begin in 2024 and is due to be completed in 2025. The factory’s production line is due to be fully operational by 2026, with the selection of a supplier scheduled for later this year.

Hystar has received several orders for its proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysers – a technology that is said to be better suited than more common alkali electrolysers to variable renewables such as wind power.

PEM electrolysers are being supplied from its existing facility, which has a capacity of 50MW. Before the end of the year, a 1MW electrolyser should be delivered to the HyPilot field project being developed by Equinor, Yara Clean Ammonia and Gassco.

Late next year, a 5MW electrolyser will be delivered to Poland for Polenergia’s H2HubNS project.

Expansion plan

Hystar has also announced plans to expand into North America. It wants to establish a location in 2024 and build a multi-gigawatt factory by 2027. It expects commercial operations in the region to exceed its European footprint within the decade.

Discussions with stakeholders on the first gigawatt factory are being held in both Canada and the US and Hystar may invest in further factories before 2030.

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