‘Survival is success’ - Andrew Garrad; a life in wind

British wind power pioneer Andrew Garrad recounts the triumphs and mishaps arising from more than four decades working at the top of the industry and gives his prognosis for its future.

Now semi-retired, Garrad – who received a pioneer award at the Global Wind Energy Council’s ‘One Terawatt’ party earlier this year - is nonetheless still active in helping communities to harness wind power for themselves. 

In the seventeenth episode of the Wind Power podcast, Ian Griggs, deputy editor of Windpower Monthly, spoke to Garrad about a professional life spent in the wind industry.

The conversation covered his experience of the ‘Wild West’ days of trial and error in the wind industry in the late 1970s, how we arrived at the turbine models seen as the industry-standard today and how long he thinks it will take to install the next global terawatt of wind power.

Garrad also identifies the global markets he thinks are the most exciting today, what national governments should do now to enable wind power and comments on the so-called ‘arms-race’ in turbine sizes.    

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This episode was produced by Czarina Deen.

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