US governors call for more offshore wind support

Six US governors, including from Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey, have asked President Joe Biden to boost support for the nascent offshore wind sector. 

Biden has a goal of 30GW of offshore wind in the US by 2030, which analysts argue could now be missed.

The governors are asking for looser requirements to qualify for higher tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) legislation, passed by Biden last year, as well as faster permitting, and sharing revenue from federal auctions with states. 

Developers have also been lobbying the government to loosen requirements for tax credits under the IRA.  

They want less restrictive domestic content requirements and also to qualify as an ‘energy community’ based on the location of related ports and manufacturing, not just whether the interconnection to the grid is in a deprived area. 

Escalating costs because of inflation, supply chain bottlenecks and slow permitting have delayed wind projects, and developers are seeking higher offtake rates, most recently in New York State.