Brazil calls hydrogen a ‘fundamental milestone’ in global energy transition

Brazil’s mines and energy minister has identified hydrogen as a “fundamental milestone” in the country's strategy to lead the global energy transition.

Silveira said Brazil has a combination of factors that place it in a prominent position in the global hydrogen market (Image credit: MME)

Minister Alexandre Silveira’s comments came during the presentation of the triennial work plan for 2023–2025 of the country’s national hydrogen programme (PNH2).

“The development of low-carbon hydrogen in Brazil will bring greater energy security, create new jobs, contribute to the decarbonisation of industry and transport, and help create an international market for this vector in the order of billions of dollars,” Silveira said.

Defining a national legal and regulatory framework, investing more in research, development and innovation with a focus on cost reduction, and expanding access to finance for hydrogen projects are among the priorities of the PNH2.

Silveira said Brazil is in a prominent position in the global hydrogen market, because of its abundant energy resources, solid institutions, political stability and investment capacity in technological development.

“These are some of the aspects that make our country competitive. It is no wonder that we have already registered around $30 billion in announced low-carbon hydrogen projects in the country,” Silveira said. He added that PNH2 will be a priority in president Ignacio Lula's government.

Thiago Barral, national secretary for energy transition and planning at the ministry, said Brazil has the technical potential to produce 1.8 gigatonnes of hydrogen per year. ”Current projections place Brazil as the country with the lowest cost of producing low-carbon hydrogen and its derivatives,” he added.

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