Canadian wind-to-hydrogen project submits environmental study

World Energy GH2 has submitted an environmental impact statement (EIS) for Project Nujio’qonik, its wind-to-green-hydrogen project on the west coast of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada.

An EIS has been submitted for Project Nujio’qonik, which will use the port of Stephenville to export green hydrogen and ammonia (Image credit: Edb3_16/Getty Images)

The submission is thought to be the first comprehensive environmental study in North America for a commercial-scale green hydrogen project – and one of the world’s first wind-to-green-hydrogen projects at scale. 

Production is expected to start in 2025, and the company said the EIS was a milestone for the project.

The company expects the province to announce a decision regarding the final phase of the Crown lands bidding process at the end of August, and to respond to the EIS submission by September.

John Risley, chairman of World Energy GH2, said: “Our project is on track to produce initial quantities of green hydrogen in 2025, so Canada has the opportunity to be a first mover and to become a globally important producer, consumer and exporter of green energy.”

The environmental assessment process for Project Nujio’qonik includes 27 studies and plans, which World Energy GH2 began in 2022.

Qalipu First Nation, a key partner in the project, participated through consultations and by conducting a traditional land and resource use study amongst members of the Newfoundland and Labrador Mi’kmaq community.

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