Spain’s Enagás begins engagement over hydrogen pipelines

Enagás has set 14 September as the launch date for a call for interest to match supply and demand for a future Spanish hydrogen backbone network, alongside a consultation on ammonia and carbon dioxide.

Spain’s Enagás, wants to use hydrogen to accelerate decarbonisation and the energy transition (pic credit: (Image credit: Xia Yuan/Getty Images)

As part of a strategic plan that saw faster-than-expected progress in the first half of this year, Enagás, a gas transmission system operator in Spain, said it wanted to use hydrogen as a key energy vector to accelerate the energy transition and decarbonisation.

Among its hydrogen industry initiatives in 2023, Enagás took a 10% stake in the Hanseatic Energy Hub consortium, which plans to commission a liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal in Stade, Germany, that will later be adapted to be ‘H2-capable’.

Enagás also acquired an additional 4% stake in Axpo's Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), bringing its total share to 20%. This is planned to be part of the European hydrogen backbone (EHB) and it too may be adapted for the transport of green hydrogen in the future.

Spain originally planned to convert the existing Medgaz gas pipeline for hydrogen transportation by 2040. It now intends to build the H2Med pipeline to link Barcelona with Marseille (France) by 2030 and a second pipeline linking Barcelona and Livorno (Italy) by 2040.

The H2Med corridor and the associated Spanish hydrogen backbone network “are making positive progress towards achieving the status of European ‘projects of common interest’ (PCI)”, according to Enagás.

The northern Mediterranean is a hot spot for floating wind development, with the potential to produce green hydrogen for export. Enagás may also convert the Maghreb pipeline to transport hydrogen from Morocco and Algeria.

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