Netherlands identifies eight African countries to establish green hydrogen import chains

The Netherlands aims to work with African countries to set up import chains for clean energy via green hydrogen hubs that can satisfy energy demand in Europe while boosting sustainable economic growth in Africa.

The Netherlands says green hydrogen can satisfy European energy demand while boosting economies in Africa (image credit: Ilza/Getty Images)

The plan comes as part of a new document, The Africa Strategy of the Netherlands 2023-2032, which prioritises collaboration with eight “combination countries”, as they are described in a policy document for foreign trade and development cooperation (BHOS).

In the eight selected countries – Ivory Coast, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa – the Netherlands is setting up long-term “combitracks” in sectors and subsectors where “feasible, affordable and high-impact Dutch solutions can contribute on a large scale to the green and digital transitions”.

In the document, the Netherlands flags up the “major opportunities” presented by close cooperation between Europe and Africa, including  projects such as a new plant to produce green ammonia and hydrogen from clean energy sources in Morocco, which was funded via a loan from Invest International.