Is safety in offshore wind a hostage to profitability?

Global offshore wind deployment is happening in greater volumes, at an increasingly frenetic pace but is the industry becoming a safer place to work in as it matures?

In the sixteenth episode of the Wind Power podcast, Ian Griggs, deputy editor of Windpower Monthly, spoke to  Rakesh Maharaj founder of safety and training organisation ARMSA Academy, and Anna Hilden, global industry manager for offshore wind at StormGeo.

According to our expert guests several factors may be working against safer working environments in offshore wind. 

These include a relentless drive by industry players to reduce costs and maintain the profitability of wind projects, an industry awash with innovation in which change is the only constant, and even the structure of multi-level contracts, in which developers seek to transfer the responsibility for risk-mitigation further down the supply chain.

On the face of it, data from the annual G+ offshore wind safety report show the number of incidents that would be of concern is decreasing, even as hours worked in the offshore installation rise sharply – but do these figures show us a complete picture and can the industry players learn anything meaningful from them to enhance their own safety procedures?

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This episode was produced by Czarina Deen.

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