Machine-learning could see wind projects built faster and more safely

A firm has launched a machine-learning tool for the renewables industry which it claims will help projects to be built more efficiently and safely.

The tool is designed to help projects to be built more safely

The H’alt interface will help people on the ground make better and more informed decisions that improve their performance and reduce risk to workers, its developers claimed.

The platform, developed by Armsa Academy, works by directing wind professionals to content which covers all aspects of a project’s lifecycle and is based on data previously gathered during real-world investigations and audits.

The system, which will be officially launched tomorrow (6 June), has already been adopted by one of the “world’s largest” turbine manufacturers, the company said.

The company said its machine-learning tool will help people make the best decision at the right time across a project’s lifecycle and that future iterations of the platform will be AI-enabled.

Predictive tool

In addition to supporting a project’s workflow, the platform also monitors the level of engagement with it enabling companies to identify and predict risks.

Khalida Suleymanova, chief implementation officer at H’alt, said the platform had a “tech-based but people-focussed approach”.

She added: “As it learns from its users, the system also builds and distributes organisational knowledge, which is vital for on-site decision making in the fast-paced, complex and uncertain environments facing the wind power sector.” 

As the renewables transition speeds up, the people building it must be properly equipped to make informed decisions, said Rakesh Maharaj, chief technical officer at H’alt.

He added: “To deal with the pace at which we’re moving, we have to accelerate the rate at which we recognise the issues people face on the ground, and when we can do that, we can address those issues, systemically.”