Wind to ‘supplement’ Australian solar-based green hydrogen project

Australia’s Edify Energy has partnered with Siemens Energy Global to develop a green hydrogen production facility, to be mainly supplied by solar power and supplemented by wind in Queensland, Australia.

Wind power is to supplement solar energy at a green hydrogen production in Queensland (Image credit: Auscape/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

The energy project, called EGH2, will involve applied research from universities in Australia and Germany. It recently won funding of AUS $20.7 million (US $13.5 million) from the Hygate incubator, a German-Australian initiative to support innovations in the green hydrogen supply chain.

Edify Energy sited the project in Northern Queensland because of its solar resources, water supplies and port access. The company has overseen the development, structuring, financing and delivery of 773MW of utility-scale solar projects and a 25MW/50MWh battery storage in Australia since 2015.

‘Learn to crawl before you can walk’

Damien Krauklis, who leads Edify’s emerging energy projects, said that as hydrogen technology develops, proven technology and scalability are key concerns. “The feedback we’re getting from investors everywhere across the world is that they all want to see it done at a reasonable scale,” he said. “They need to see that we have learned to crawl before we walk.”

He said the ability to scale was one of the key features of this project. “Our development permit over 105 hectares will enable us to build this facility out over time to meet the needs of the market.”

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