IberBlue submits plans for 1GW Andalusian floating offshore wind project

IberBlue Wind has submitted an initial project document (IPD) for an offshore wind farm off Spain’s southern coast. The 990MW La Pinta floating wind farm, located off Granada and Almeria in Andalusia, will have 55 turbines of 18MW each.

Andalusia, known for its horses around the world, is increasingly attracting interest from offshore wind developers (pic credit: Westend61/Getty Images)

The developer provided technical characteristics for the project in its IPD to Spain’s ecological transition ministry.

IberBlue is a joint venture specialising in floating wind farms to operate in the Iberian market, aiming to “position Spain and Portugal as leaders in this field of renewables”. It comprises Irish company Simply Blue Group, Spain’s Proes Consultores, the engineering division of Grupo Amper and renewable project developer FF New Energy Venture.

La Pinta will have an area of 316km2 and will be located 15-35km from the coast. The global investment required for the construction and maintenance of the wind farm will be more than €2.5 billion.

Julio Vera, stakeholder engagement and policy director at IberBlue Wind said: “Andalusia is a key area for offshore wind development in Spain. It has a great wind resource, good infrastructure and potential capacity to become a benchmark for this kind of project. The coasts of Granada and Almeria have favourable conditions for offshore wind farms, although it will be necessary to reinforce the electricity network in the surrounding area to take all the energy generated”.

The name La Pinta is in tribute to one of the three sailing ships used in Christopher Columbus’s trip to America. It is the second offshore wind farm IberBlue Wind is developing in Andalusia after the 990MW Nao Victoria project off the coasts of Malaga and Cadiz. 

IberBlue Wind has proposed three more projects in the region totalling nearly 2GW, including Portugal’s first offshore wind farm and the first cross-border wind projects off Spain and Portugal.