Siemens Gamesa deal for vessels to transport next-generation turbine parts

Siemens Gamesa has formed partnership with two firms to supply two vessels designed to transport the largest offshore wind components of the future.

Artist impression of the vessels designed with the aim of reducing energy consumption and transporting the largest offshore wind components

The turbine firm is working with German firm Deugro and Dutch shipping company Amasus Offshore B.V. on the vessels. 

They signed an agreement to develop two new models from the existing Rotra vessel model built to carry heavy loads including the large components needed to build offshore wind turbines. 

The two new vessels — the Rotra Futura and Rotra Horizon — were designed to accommodate the latest generation of offshore wind turbines that feature even larger components than their predecessors.  

Both vessels measure 167.6 x 26 metres, and feature a forward deckhouse to make room for their large cargoes without impeding line of sight for the crew. They also include three Liebherr cranes and a gantry system that allows for the storage of large turbine blades over three tiers. 

The trio also touted the new vessels’ green credentials. Both were designed with more aerodynamic and hydro-optimised hulls than their predecessors to improve fuel efficiency.

The vessels also feature hybrid propulsion systems, lower emissions Wärtsilä diesel engines, and an exhaust gas cleaning system “meeting the highest IMO Tier 3 standards”, according to Deugro.