WindEurope chair dissects the EU’s Net Zero Industry Act

Speaking ahead of the start of the WindEurope conference in Copenhagen Sven Utermöhlen - chair of the trade group and chief executive of offshore wind for RWE - discussed the EU’s package of measures to stimulate the wind industry.

Last month, the European Commission proposed a package of measures which, if enacted, could help boost the fortunes of the wind industry in member states as well as speeding up the roll out of renewable energy.

They include a ‘Net Zero Industry Act, which could boost member states’ permitting capacity and reform auction criteria for new wind farms, they also include Electricity market reforms which could expand the use of corporate power purchase agreements across the continent, and a Critical Raw Materials Act which seeks to secure Europe’s supply of the essential components the wind industry needs for future expansion.

In the eleventh episode of the Wind Power podcast, Ian Griggs, deputy editor of Windpower Monthly, talked to Utermöhlen about whether the EU’s package is sufficient to help the industry, how it compares with the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) policy in the US policy and where the EU could go further and faster.

The conversation also touched on what skills the wind industry needs now and how to plug the skills gap effectively.

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This episode was produced by Czarina Deen and researched by Craig Richard and Orlando Jenkinson

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