Can green hydrogen live up to the hype?

Experts from the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition, DNV and Bellona discuss green hydrogen’s potential as a component of the renewable energy transition.

Green hydrogen has the potential to decarbonize the industry sectors that will be hardest to electrify in the coming energy transition to a renewables based energy system. But what is the best way to achieve that goal? What obstacles lie in its way? And what is the opportunity/cost of producing it in sufficient quantities?

As ever, there will be hurdles to overcome - from showing leadership in policy choices, to creating a viable market place capable of attracting investors.

In the eighth episode of the Wind Power podcast, Ian Griggs, deputy editor of Windpower Monthly, is joined by Francois Paquet, impact director at the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition, Marta Lovisolo, policy adviser on renewable energy systems at Bellona, Europa, and Magnus Killingland, hydrogen lead for northern Europe at DNV.

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