Windpower Monthly Turbines of the Year 2022

A year is an eternity when it comes to innovation in the wind power industry – and 2022 proved to be no exception. From impressive scaling of products, to developments in drivetrain technology and new blades for record rotor sizes; there’s much we should be proud of.

Every year it’s a challenge to choose the winners and runners up in each of the six categories in Windpower Monthly’s Turbines of the Year awards but, with the rapid developments we’ve seen over the past 12 months, this year proved to be particularly difficult.

Increases in rotor-blade size and turbine ratings are a key highlight, both onshore and offshore. In 2019, the first of our onshore categories was for turbines up to a rating of 3.4MW. That year, seven out of ten selected makes and models rated below 2.9MW. This year, the 2MW class has disappeared and the category is now for turbines up to 5.6MW, an increase from 4.6MW in 2021.

This year we have joint winners in the innovation category and, once again, we’ve taken a look at floating systems to watch. Floating wind is not a category in its own right yet, as it remains a minor segment when set against offshore wind installation more generally. But there is clearly huge growth potential to come, and we could see a seventh category added to our awards in the not-too-distant future.

For a selection of promising floating delevopments, click here.

Classes and criteria

Many factors were taken into consideration in the judging process; from technological innovation, product configuration and performance, to market positioning and response, including order intake.

Featured turbines should have gone into production during 2022 – or will do so this month due to weather-related impact and/or supply chain interruptions. If not in production, there must at least be an operating prototype and the manufacturer must be accepting firm orders.


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AEP = Annual energy production

C&GFRE = Carbon & glass-fibre reinforced epoxy

CSH = Concrete-steel hybrid

DD = Direct drive

DFIG = Doubly fed induction generator

EESG = Electrically excited synchronous generator

GFRE = Glass-fibre reinforced epoxy

GFRP = Glass-fibre reinforced polyester

HH = Hub height

HSG = High speed geared

IG = Induction generator

LDST = Large-diameter steel tower

LSG = Low-speed geared

MBU = Main bearing unit – main shaft, two bearings and shared housing

MSG = Medium-speed geared

PCVS = Pitch-controlled variable-speed

PMG = (Synchronous) Permanent magnet generator

TS = Tubular steel

XXX = Choice in generators