Is biggest best when it comes to turbines? In conversation with Vestas’ CTO, Anders Nielsen

Anders Nielsen, chief technology officer for the turbine manufacturer Vestas, discusses why the race for the biggest turbine has to slow down.

In the seventh episode of the Wind Power podcast, Ian Griggs, deputy editor of Windpower Monthly, had a wide-ranging discussion with Nielsen about the current health of the turbine industry.

Subjects on the agenda included how keep the whole wind industry supply chain solvent – and the role of turbine manufacturers within that – as well as whether a level playing field currently exists between Europe and China for OEMs.

The conversation also covered the uneven distribution of profit across the industry, whether turbine customers need to shoulder more of the risk and how big turbines can and should get if the industry wants to build them at scale and meet global demand.

Nielsen also gave his view on COP27 and what form reparations to countries drastically affected by climate change should take.

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