Beyond the horizon: unlocking the potential of floating offshore wind

Experts from Corio Generation, Vestas and Northland Power discuss the opportunities and the challenges for this nascent industry

In the sixth episode of the Wind Power podcast, Claire Warren, editor of Windpower Monthly, is joined by Jonathan Cole, CEO of Corio Generation, Vicky O'Connor, technical manager for development in Europe at Northland Power, and Pablo Necochea, lead advisor for the floating segment at Vestas.

Floating offshore wind offers enormous potential for countries, particularly those whose coastal waters are too deep for conventional offshore wind. But this is an industry that is still in its infancy.

Currently, there is little in the way of operational capacity and, although we have tried and tested floater concepts, we are a long way from having enough port space and heavy engineering capacity to facilitate the mass production needed for the industry to truly take off.

But the benefits are clear and in the longer term floating wind will likely be central to global decarbonisation efforts and the drive to hit net zero by 2050.

So where will it take off first, what are the hurdles, how can we overcome them and, crucially, what do governments need to do to facilitate rapid deployment?

This episode was recorded at WindEnergy Hamburg where Windpower Monthly was the official podcast partner.

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