GE ‘confident’ design-around for Haliade-X will not impact performance

GE Renewable Energy is “confident” that the design-around for the disputed Haliade-X turbine, unveiled yesterday in court filings, will not impact its performance.

GE has rejected claims its newly-unveiled Haliade-X-ii and Haliade-X-iii will not perform as well as the original design

Commenting on the new specifications for the Haliade-X-ii and Haliade-X-iii, one analyst told Windpower Monthly yesterday that the redesigned models were “sub-optimal” and could “significantly change the performance, operational characteristics, and longevity of the turbine” and that this in turn could lead to higher maintenance costs for owners and operators of the new model.

But a spokesperson for GE rejected these claims and said: “We are confident in our application for two design-around options for the Haliade-X, which would bring the full benefits of the Haliade-X to the U.S. Our engineers are confident it will not impact turbine operation or maintenance, including energy production, component performance, or ability to service and maintain the turbines.”

The spokesperson added: “We are committed to bringing the full range of turbine technologies offered by GE to the offshore wind industry at this pivotal moment of industry growth.”