BayWa applies for seabed licence for 600MW Portuguese floating wind project

BayWa has applied to secure the exclusive seabed rights in a dedicated zone off the Portuguese Viana do Castelo coast to develop a 30-turbine, subsidy-free floating offshore wind farm.

The project will be up to 600MW and, if it proceeds, will be the first commercial scale floating offshore wind project in Portugal.

"The project is compatible with the recently announced offshore wind tenders to be run in the future and can serve as a blueprint for the bidding projects," BayWa said. It will "support the creation of a global floating offshore wind supply chain in Portugal using existing local infrastructure, that the tender projects will be able to use", it added.

The project will be realised with a power purchase agreement instead of subsidies. The seabed rights application follows initial discussions and consultation stages with the Portuguese government and all local stakeholders, Baywa added.

The company already has the rights to develop the 960MW Buchan offshore project, off the northeast coast of Scotland, and has pre-qualified for two floating offshore wind tenders in France - including a 250MW project in southern Brittany - and two projects with a total capacity of 500MW in the Mediterranean Sea.