The new platform supporting up to 8.XMW, 5G factories – and more

At WindEnergy Hamburg, there was a new Chinese voice making a big noise. Here’s what you need to know about Sany Renewable Energy…


Europe has an urgent need for increased generating capacity. The climate crisis, war in Ukraine and post-pandemic supply chain issues have made independent, renewable energy essential.

International collaboration is therefore crucial to avoid future vulnerabilities and meet global targets. Sany Renewable Energy, a Chinese designer, manufacturer and seller of wind turbines, believes it can help with the launch of its new European programme.

China accounted for 58% of global wind turbine MW capacity in 2020*, but Sany Renewable Energy is a fresher face. It is known globally as a manufacturer of heavy-duty engineering equipment, such as pump trucks and cranes, but 2022 marks a significant increase in efforts to target the European wind market. “It’s the next big challenge,” said Richard Deng, managing director of Sany Europe.

Sany has been involved in significant infrastructure projects in China for decades, including the world’s longest sea bridge (the 55km Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau), space sport engineering and more. “Sany has played an essential role in creating Chinese miracles,” said Hong Yi, director of Sany’s global product research department.

And it was at WindEnergy Hamburg where Sany Renewable Energy really started to make an impact with new products, new agreements and being one of the loudest voices at the conference. Here are Windpower Monthly’s top three announcements coming out of the Sany stand:

Taking on the world… Sany 915 platform
Sany’s big product launch is the new 915 platform, with a power rating which could support up to 8.XMW. It has two working prototypes and has already undergone comprehensive testing. It has the potential to support both offshore and onshore projects.

With rotor diameters of over 200 metres, the 915 platform uses Sany’s latest component and control technology, along with a proven drive train concept and a compact nacelle design.

There are already orders from the domestic market for the 7.X-8.XMW model. DNV has certified the platform’s components and testing systems. The platform fits firmly into the company’s philosophy on turbine design: “Higher, larger, longer, lighter, and smarter – namely: high tower, high power, long blades, light-weight and intelligent control.”

Making manufacturing better… 5G Smart Factory
Sany is committed to becoming a pioneer in intelligent manufacturing,” said Wang Shiqi, process engineer of Intelligent Technology Institute at Sany.

Sany has developed manufacturing capability that is automated, flexible, data-driven and at scale. This forms the heartbeat of manufacturing versatility that drives industrial innovation. Shiqi explained that to create intelligent factories, Sany focuses on the following:

  • Automation… The factories use automated equipment to assemble materials and collect data.
  • Flexibility… There are flexible production lines for the nacelle and hub, which can produce different models on the same line as well as customise production units to incorporate upgrades.
  • Digitalisation… The data generated through the product design and assembly process is collected and analysed.
  • Intelligence... AI, powered by the data collected, is central to the whole lifecycle of product development.

Sany has five flexible operation centres and its use of robots to assemble certain parts sets it apart, producing high accuracy and yield.

“We set up a series of digital twin systems to synchronise with the external robots to simulate the working state of the outside robots in real time. The robot is the key equipment of our flexible production line. The 5G Smart Factory has achieved 28% improvement in quality and 40% improvement in efficiency [compared with traditional factories],” said Shiqi.

With the application of this innovative technology, the factories become an intelligent body. These are fully connected, smart factories that have significant, flexible, cost-effective capacity, solving many of the challenges facing manufacturers across the world.

Collaborating with the industry… Sany joins GWEC
Sany Renewable Energy cemented its new position within the European wind industry during the conference by signing a corporate membership with Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). With its huge reach, GWEC aims to support Sany’s European growth, and help bring them to the global market.
During a significant signing ceremony, CEO of GWEC, Ben Backwell, and managing director of Sany Europe Richard Deng signed the partnership agreement. Deng said: “Thank you for the chance to join the global family.”

Ju Yi, brand manager for Sany Renewable Energy: “GWEC is the voice for the global wind energy industry and plays a leading role in opening and developing new markets… I sincerely hope that GWEC and Sany will play an active role in the future, whether in market promotion or social responsibility… I believe [the signing is] both timely and relevant. I am also confident that this close corporate partnership between GWEC and Sany Renewable Energy will flourish as we work towards a – dare I say – brighter future.”

*GWEC Market Intelligence, November 2021

For more information about Sany Renewable Energy, their products, strategy and philosophy – as well as their time in Hamburg, see here

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