Wind power pioneer Stiesdal steps down as CEO in company reshuffle

Industry pioneer Henrik Stiesdal has stood down as CEO of his energy transition technology company, Stiesdal. He has been replaced by chief operating officer (COO) Jacob Nørgaard Andersen.

Prior to launching his own company Henrik Stiesdal designed one of the world’s first wind turbines in 1978

The industry veteran has now taken up the role of chief technology officer (CTO).

Prior to launching his own company – which focuses on floating offshore wind, green hydrogen, energy storage, and green fuel production with carbon capture and storage – Henrik Stiesdal designed one of the world’s first wind turbines in 1978. He also worked for Vestas as research and development project manager and Siemens Wind as chief technology officer.

“It has long been my personal wish to return from an overall management role to the technical management role that I had in Bonus Energy, later Siemens Wind Power, from 1988 to 2014,” Stiesdal wrote on LinkedIn. “This would allow more time to focus on my favourite topics: the technologies of our climate change mitigation efforts.”

Henrik Stiesdal is a leading figure within wind power, whose contributions have pushed the industry forward and significantly increased the status of wind energy as a major renewable energy source.

The realignment of the top roles within Stiesdal Group has been a gradual process, one which started when Stiesdal’s replacement, Jacob Nørgaard Andersen, first entered as COO in June 2021. 

Henrik Stiesdal added: “We are all comfortable with the changes, aligning the formal roles of the company management team with the already existing day-to-day leadership responsibilities.”