OX2 applies to build 5.5GW Swedish offshore wind farm

OX2 has applied to build its 5.5GW Aurora offshore wind farm in the Swedish Baltic Sea.

The wind farm is planned for a site 20km south of the island of Gotland and 30km east of the island of Öland.

The Nordic developer’s latest permitting application for Aurora was made under laws governing Sweden’s exclusive economic zone.

OX2 had previously applied for a Natura 2000 permit and an environmental impact assessment that are currently being considered by the county administration board of Gotland. It will also need to apply for a permit to build on Sweden’s continental shelf and for a separate permit to connect to the grid before it can begin construction.

OX2 plans to use up to 370 turbines at Aurora – indicating an average power rating of about 14.8GW – with a maximum tip height of 370 metres. It estimates the wind farm could produce about 24TWh of electricity annually.