Wind turbine maker Vestas announces ‘complete withdrawal’ from Russia and condemns invasion

The Danish wind turbine manufacturer highlighted reports of atrocities committed by the Russian army in Ukraine

Vestas has announced a complete withdrawal from Russia (pic credit: Frank Boutrup Schmidt)

Vestas has announced it will completely withdraw from Russia because of the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

The OEM issued a strongly-worded statement following its Annual General Meeting in Aarhus yesterday.

Vestas said it “condemns the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine and the atrocities reportedly committed by the Russian army and the growing humanitarian crisis caused by the invasion.”

The statement followed media reports from Bucha, near Kyiv, of the Russian army murdering unarmed civilians as it withdraws from the region.

The next step

Vestas had already announced that it would halt any new commercial operations in Russia last month.

The Danish company is Fortum’s preferred turbine supplier for its Russian wind projects, with more than 1GW of contracts, and it has the largest market share in the country.

Following the decision to halt new commercial activity, Vestas said it had reviewed different scenarios, including fulfilling its existing obligations as well as how to ensure an orderly withdrawal from Russia if the war continued.

Standing with Ukraine

In its statement yesterday, Vestas announced it had now decided to withdraw from Russia completely.

The company added: “The withdrawal aims to ensure the safety and livelihood of our employees in Russia as well as safeguard Vestas’ interests through an orderly transfer of our business in compliance with international and local law, which entails certain activities may continue during a transition period.”

The company also expressed its solidarity with Ukraine and added: “Our thoughts go to the people of Ukraine, and we hope we’ll soon see a peaceful resolution.”

The decision came as EU and Western governments prepared to announce a fresh wave of sanctions against Russia, following reports of the atrocities committed in Ukraine.