Plans for 4GW Irish offshore wind farm to power green hydrogen facility

Singapore-based Enterprize Energy reveals plans for 4GW offshore wind hub to feed green hydrogen and ammonia production

Ireland only has one operational offshore wind farm, the 25MW Arlow Bank project

Enterprize Energy has signed an agreement to build a $10 billion offshore wind farm off south-west Ireland to power a green hydrogen facility, it has been reported.

The 4GW project will supply electricity to the 3.2GW onshore Green Marlin hydrogen facility being developed by E1-H2 and Zenith Energy. The energy companies have signed a precursor to a power purchase agreement, with EI-H2 off-taking the energy, according to Bloomberg.

The offshore wind farm will use articulated wind columns, deep-water technology used by the oil and gas industry for exploration and production platforms. Oil and gas development company Sapura Energy Berhad and foundation supplier Offshore Design Engineering will supply the articulated wind columns for the project. 

The chief executive of Singapore-based Enterprize Energy, Ian Hatton, told Bloomberg that Ireland is a “key hub” in his company’s strategy to develop green hydrogen in locations where it can be produced and brought to market at the lowest cost.

The Irish offshore wind farm will be subsidy-free, with project finance arranged by French investment bank Société Générale and additional money raised from private equity investment.

Enterprize Energy is developing the 600MW Thang Long I offshore wind project in Vietnam and an offshore wind cluster in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.