Industry calls for global push to scale up wind power

More than 90 companies sign up to GWEC’s manifesto ahead of COP26 in Glasgow calling for faster wind energy deployment

“Achieving a rapid transition from fossil fuels is a key part of the solution,” GWEC's Ben Backwell said (pic: IG Windkraft)

Governments must “get serious” about the energy transition and work with the private sector to rapidly scale up wind and renewable energy installations, according to a manifesto released by the wind energy sector today.

The move comes ahead of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), being held in Glasgow, Scotland, between 31 October and 12 November 2021. A similar call to the G20 was made in July.

Wind energy achieved a record 93GW of installations in 2020, but current growth rates fall well short of the capacity increase required by 2050 to achieve Paris Agreement decarbonisation targets.

Led by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), more than 90 wind energy companies including manufacturers, suppliers, investors and industry bodies are supporting an eight-point manifesto calling for:

  1. Increased wind power ambition — reflected in updated nationally determined contributions (NDCs), national strategies and long-term energy plans.

  2. Rapid phase out of coal-based generation.

  3. Design and implementation of energy markets that are fit for the future.

  4. Streamlined permitting schemes for renewable energy projects.

  5. Plans to rapidly build out clean-energy grids and charging stations for electric vehicles.

  • Cohesive policies to shift to a net-zero economy.

  • Aligned national and regional finance flows for a 1.5C-compliant pathway.

  • Greater cooperation on carbon pricing.

  • The renewables industry is instrumental to decarbonising the global power sector but requires supportive policy frameworks to grow more rapidly, the manifesto argues.

    “Governments must respond decisively to the current climate emergency to ensure a viable future for current and future generations,” said Ben Backwell, chief executive of GWEC. “Achieving a rapid transition from fossil fuels is a key part of the solution.”

    Rebecca Williams, director of COP26 at GWEC, commented: “We already have the tools and the technology we need to tackle climate change. What we don’t have yet is the unprecedented political will we need to make this happen.

    “World leaders gathering in Glasgow next month have a chance to get serious about driving the new era of renewable energy, not stifling it,” she added.