GE Renewable Energy boosts Haliade-X offshore wind prototype to 14MW

US technology giant becomes first manufacturer to operate a wind turbine at 14MW with latest upgrade

GE Renewable Energy's 14MW Haliade-X prototype is operating at the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands

GE Renewable Energy has started operating its Haliade-X offshore wind prototype in the Netherlands at 14MW.

It first commissioned the Haliade-X to operate at 12MW in November 2019, and has gradually ramped up the power rating to 13MW and now 14MW.

While other manufacturers have announced 15MW and 16MW offshore wind turbines, GE’s prototype at the 14MW Rotterdam-Maasvlakte site in the Port of Rotterdam is the first to operate at 14MW.

GE has now started certification measures for the 14MW version, which is due to make its commercial debut at SSE and Equinor's 1200MW Dogger Bank C wind farm off the north-east coast of England.

GE believes a single 14MW turbine could generate up to 74GWh per year at a typical site in the German North Sea.

Raising the power output means fewer turbines need to be installed at each wind farm, GE explained. As well as reducing capital expenditure, this also simplifies and reduces costs for operations and maintenance, it added.