Denmark suspends tender for up to 1.2GW offshore wind farm

Site investigations in the Kattegat have revealed soft clay formations that could make turbine foundations installation difficult

Denmark plans to run a contract for differences-style tender for the Hesselø project (pic credit: Vestas)

The Danish Energy Agency has suspended the tender for the up to 1200MW Hesselø offshore wind farm, pending further analysis of the results of preliminary site investigations

Investigations at the proposed project site have revealed soft clay formations, particularly in the 20-30 metres immediately below the seabed. The apparently less favourable conditions may lead to technical challenges with installation, the agency added.

Consultants are now undertaking further laboratory analyses, in order to fully assess the properties of the top soil in the area. These are due for completion in the autumn of 2021.

The Danish Energy Agency would then reopen a discussion with the wind power industry, as to what the results mean and how the tender process should proceed.

It had recently announced its intention to run a contract for difference-style tender for the Hesselø project and was due to provide a final timeline for the auction later this year.

Earlier this week, the agency set a final bid deadline of 8 November for the six bidders in the tender for the up-to 1000MW Thor wind farm. It is planned for a North Sea site off Denmark’s west coast. The developers will also compete for a support mechanism similar to the UK’s contract for difference model.