Vestas to cut 'about 200 jobs' at Colorado blade factory

Vestas announced the lay-offs in anticipation of reduced market volumes in the US in the near-term

Vestas stopped producing blades for its V136 turbines (above) at the Brighton plant in Colorado earlier this year

Vestas is to lay off about 200 employees from its blade factory in Colorado early next year, as it anticipates reduced volumes in the near term.

This round of cuts will leave about 300 employees at the factory in Brighton, Colorado, a Vestas spokesman advised.

The manufacturer has not confirmed what jobs will be included in the lay-offs, which are due to take effect in mid-January.

Vestas made the cuts as it expects US market volumes to fall following several years of peaking demand, a spokesman explained.

The manufacturer also stopped producing V136 blades at the Brighton factory in August, citing reduced demand for that variant. 

“Vestas will make every effort to support eligible colleagues in transitioning to other opportunities within Vestas," the spokesman said, adding that Vestas’ service organisation is hiring hundreds of new employees, while the firm's construction and tooling unit would be utilising available space at the Brighton Blades factory.

Vestas also has a nacelle factory in Brighton, Colorado.

More to follow.