America's four biggest wind power states back Trump - updated

The polls have closed but the counting continues. We look at how the US' biggest and fastest-growing wind power states cast their votes

Texas, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Kansas – the top four US states for operational wind power capacity – have all cast majority votes for Donald Trump.

The picture changes with analysis of the country's top ten wind energy producers. Trump can add North Dakota, but Biden picks up California, Illinois, Colorado, Minnesota and Oregon.

With the exceptions of North Carolina and Ohio, the states with offshore wind projects under development or in operation – New York, Rhode Island, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia, California, Maine Hawaii and New Jersey – all voted for Biden.

Trump has previously claimed that “windmills”’ cause cancer, lower house prices and kill birds, while Biden wants to spur the installation of “tens of thousands of wind turbines” through a $2 trillion package of clean energy and sustainability measures.

The president today withdrew the US from the Paris climate agreement, under which nations have agreed to try to limit global warming.

Neither candidate has has gained enough electoral college votes to secure the presidency. Some states are still counting votes, but have nonetheless declared a winner under the US' electoral college system.

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