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Squeezing more value out of your wind farm data

How Bitbloom can help fill the gaps in your existing systems to reduce costs and increase efficiency

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We’re living in a data-rich environment. Even on wind farms. The datasets of turbine SCADA data, Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) data, spare part usage, natural environment, failure cases are all available to the modern wind farm and are many and varied. 

The wind energy sector has been growing ever more data-rich since its early days in the 1980s through evolution of sensors, digital infrastructure and data storage technology. We’ve always understood that the data will one day be useful, just not necessarily know how to best use it.

Over the years, the turbines and sensors inside them have become more and more sophisticated, and an ever-greater amount of information has been recorded more reliably, and at higher resolutions. At the same time, storage and digital communications have become faster and cheaper.

Bitbloom is a cultivating intelligent software and analytics firm. Co-founder Staffan Lindahl understands the impact that data has: “Data is super important for wind farms – without it, it’s really impossible to know what’s going on. But translating data to knowledge to action is a complex challenge – data quality, merging disparate sources and distilling value-driving knowledge is hard.

“Wind farm owners and operators spend a lot of money on extremely talented staff who have the skill and ingenuity to develop analytics to solve their organisations most pressing challenges. 

“It is not possible for us to match their insight – they are smart, skilled and numerous. But they are disempowered by the lack of efficient tools to facilitate the rapid development and deployment of advanced analysis solutions, which is where we can help,” Lindahl believes.

Sift works as the all-in-one software solution, and works as an open data exploration platform for technical analysts and engineers at wind farm owner or operator organisations. It allows them to delve into their data and find relationships and insight that can inform strategies to improve the value of projects. This is all about learning about and exploring your data – the first and essential step of any data analysis process. 

Sift allows in-depth analysis covering anything from energy loss calculations, deriving learned power curves, building machine learning models, estimating fatigue, and carrying out energy loss calculations, PowerCurve performance tests and failure prognostics. 

Sift Monitor is the natural evolution of the capabilities of Sift. The new product, launching in Autumn 2020, will allow users to upload analysis specifications built in Sift to a hosted system managed by Bitbloom, where the users’ analysis process is executed regularly and automatically on new incoming data from their projects. 

“We believe that what owner operators need is a robust platform where they can let their engineers and analysts build and deploy intelligence on top of the data they’ve collected, while simply being able to rely on that back-end infrastructure will just make it work,” says Lindahl.

The full report, in partnership with Bitbloom, on how delivering software and services for data analytics, along with scientific computation and application development to the wind energy industry, will be available shortly. 

In the meantime, please visit Bitbloom for more information on its products and services.

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