Siemens merges wind component units

Merger into Flender will create a “one-stop shop” for wind power customers, according to the head of Siemens’ portfolio companies

Flender's headquarters in Bocholt, Germany

Siemens Wind Energy has been integrated into Siemens’ wholly owned Flender subsidiary, merging the industrial giant’s wind generator business with its mechanical drive manufacturing unit.

The German company’s wind energy generation unit produces generators and components for direct-drive turbines.

Meanwhile, Flender produces mechanical drive systems for wind turbines and other power generation sectors, including mining, as well as oil and gas. It also suppliers gearboxes under the Winergy brand.

Horst Kayser, chairman of Siemens’ portfolio companies, said the merger will create a “one-stop shop” for its wind power customers.

The company added that the move would “complete the company's electrical and mechanical portfolio, making it an important tier-one supplier to the wind power industry".

As a next step, Siemens plans to spin off Flender in a public listing, with shareholders due to vote on the proposal at the upcoming ordinary annual meeting in February 2021.

Kayser added: “We intend to give Flender the independence and flexibility it needs to expand its market leadership in stationary drives technology.”