Nordex pushes N149/5.X prototype to 5.7MW

A new gearbox and scaled-up electrical system has boosted the power rating of Nordex's first installed N149/5.X turbine to 5.7MW

Nordex installed the N149/5.X model at a wind farm near Berlin in eastern Germany

Nordex has installed its first N149/5.X turbine – with a power rating of 5.7MW – at a wind farm near Potsdam, south-west of Berlin, Germany.

The turbine is installed at the Genshagener Heide wind farm and will begin operating before the end of the month, the manufacturer stated.

Nordex began marketing 5MW turbines in spring 2019 and has confirmed that the newly installed model uses a "new and highly efficient" gearbox.

It has also scaled up the electrical system of its Delta4000 series to achieve the higher 5.7MW power output.

Nordex will now begin the measuring and validation programme for the type certification of the N149/5.X.

The site offers good conditions for assessing the 5.7MW turbine, and has mean wind speeds of 6.4m/s at the hub height of 105 metres.

Nordex will examine the power curve, as well as validating the sound power level and grid compatibility of the turbine on the basis of the measurements recorded in the field.

The manufacturer has already received orders for 800MW for the N149/5.X since its launch last year.