Enercon installs high-wind EP3 prototype

Enercon has completed the installation of the first prototype of the high-wind variant on its new EP3 platform — the E-115 EP3 E3

Enercon has added the E-115 high-wind variant to its new modular EP3 platform

The turbine's installation was completed on 19 August at the 3.6MW Leuze-en-Hainaut (Enercon) test site in Belgium. It is scheduled to be commissioned in September.

Two more E-115 EP3 turbines will be installed at the site for field tests ahead of commercial production.

The E-115 EP3 will be offered with a nominal power rating of 2.99-4.2MW, and hub heights from 67 to 149 metres.

Enercon has developed the turbine to withstand wind conditions of up to 89m/s, positioning it to for deployment in typhoon-affected markets.