Pattern Energy buys up to 1GW New Mexico wind farm

Pattern Energy has acquired the up to 1GW Clines Corners wind complex in Torrance and Guadalupe counties, New Mexico, from Orion Wind Power Resources – a joint venture between Orion Renewable Energy Group and Map Energy.

Pattern Energy's Broadview wind farm in New Mexico came online in 2017

Pattern plans to transmit power from the 325MW southern part of {{Clines Corners-f011d888-9c2c-d9cd-3e0b-237fe41fbae2}} via its 1,050MW Western Spirit Wind transmission line, which is scheduled to start construction later this year ahead of operations starting in 2021.

The utility-developer is developing the Western Spirit transmission line on behalf of the New Mexico Renewable Energy Transmission Authority, after taking over the project from the now defunct Clean Line Energy.

The remaining portion of the Clines Corners project could add up to 650MW to Pattern Energy's 3GW suite of wind and solar projects intended to connect to the SunZia transmission line, which the company is planning to start building in 2022 for Arizona and New Mexico.

Portions of Pattern's El Corazon and Corona wind farms will also transmit power via the Western Spirit line, while some output from Corona will send power via Southwest Power Group's SunZia line.

The Western Spirit wind farms and transmission line will bring more than a thousand construction jobs to New Mexico this year, according to Pattern Energy CEO Mike Garland, CEO.

Pattern Energy previously developed the 324MW Broadview and 221MW Grady wind farms in New Mexico.

"We are proud of the $1.6 billion in economic benefit we brought to New Mexico over the past three years with Broadview and Grady Wind," Pattern CEO Garland said.

"The Broadview and Grady projects were the largest in the state's history at 545MW, and we expect to far surpass that with our new Western Spirit projects."