Turbines of the year 2019: Innovations

Installation solutions for onshore and offshore applications lead the way.

Telescopic vision… GustoMSC’s crane design aims at easing installation of very large-scale offshore turbines


GOLD GustoMSC Telescopic Leg Crane

This revolutionary design was developed to for future installation vessels capable of handling 20MW-plus offshore turbines.

The Dutch maritime engineering consultancy built a 1:20 scale telescopic leg crane (TLC) in 2019 for demonstration and validation.

The first full-scale system is for the in-house developed 142-metre long, 50-metre wide, self-elevating SC-1400XL jack-up, to be completed in 2022.

The self-propelled vessel can operate in water depths of 10-65 metres, and transport and install seven 8MW turbines.

TLC features include a lattice-type beam concept that can be retracted or expanded by around 40 metres.

The technology for unlocking, telescoping and locking actions is functionally comparable to the patented double-acting hydraulic jacking system deployed in GustoMSC’s installation vessels.

The fully extended mode is for installing 20MW-plus nacelles of up to 1,250 tonnes with rotors of around 250 metres, requiring a total height for the lifting hook of around 175 metres above sea water level.

The fully retracted position is for hoisting monopiles and other heavy loads up to 2,500 tonnes. The size- and mass-optimised TLC integrated solution enables fast change between extended and retracted mode during operation.