Confidence hits new low in Germany

A survey of industry professionals in Germany has seen the mood in the market fall to its lowest point yet.

The mood among Germany's wind industry professionals is worsening

The findings by wind:research for the WindEnergy Hamburg conference shows confidence has worsened by more than three-times as much since the previous survey in April.

The survey results rank different parts of the market from 2 to -2 using responses from over 1,000 participants in Germany.

A huge reduction in installations, as well as policy upheaval has dented the mood in the country.

How do you rate the global market for the onshore wind industry this year?

According to onshore wind agency FA Wind, just 689MW of new capacity has been added in Germany, compared to nearly 2.5GW in 2018 and almost 5.5GW in 2017.

The impact of this decline on the manufacturing sector has been well-documented.

WindEnergy Hamburg’s biannual survey, now in its fourth edition, found a reduction in confidence in the onshore wind industry in all markets, but only Germany scored negatively.

There was also a negative response in the outlook for the onshore wind market in Germany over the next two years

"Germany must not fall behind – we are currently observing a loss of substance in the wind energy industry, which is a key sector for the country’s energy future," said Wolfram Axthelm of the German wind energy association (BWE) and Matthias Zelinger managing director of engineering group VDMA Power Systems in a joint statement.

"We call upon the Federal Government to return to a common-sense industrial and climate policy, accelerate the permitting processes and expand site eligibility criteria for land-based wind energy projects, and to offer a short and long-term perspective to offshore wind," they added.

The mood in the offshore industry in German has also slipped into negative figures, according to the survey data, despite increases in confidence in North America and Asia Pacific.