Australia's Kennedy hybrid powers up

The first 61MW/4MWh phase of the Kennedy Energy Park in Queensland comprising wind, solar and storage elements, has been "energised" after months of connection delays.

Windlab's hybrid Kennedy Energy Park uses 12 Vestas V136-3.6MW turbines (pic: Windlab)

The Windlab and Eurus Energy project is believed to be one of the first grid-scale projects using the three technologies.

The site comprises 42MW of wind capacity, from Vestas turbines, with 18MW of solar capacity, and a 4MWh battery.

First power from the project is expected to be transmitted to the Queensland grid later this month "after a compulsory ‘hold point zero’ period to allow the network operator Ergon Energy to conduct background power quality testing", Windlab said.

It will then be registered as a generator by the Australia Energy Market Operator (AEMO) from September with full operation due by the end of the year, the developer added.

"Nearly all renewable generators in Australia have found grid connection challenging in the past 18 months. Being the first project to implement both a statcom and synchronous condenser in Ergon’s network has meant Kennedy is no exception," said Roger Price, CEO of Windlab.