VIDEO: First sighting of 107-metre Haliade-X blade

The first 107-metre blade for GE's Haliade-X 12MW made its first public appearance this week.

LM Wind Power’s blade — the world’s largest — made its first trip outside the manufacturer’s factory in Cherbourg, France.

Final preparations are now being carried out for shipment of the blade ahead of the first prototype being installed at the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands this summer.

GE first announced its 12MW Haliade-X, which is in line to be the world’s most powerful offshore wind turbine, in March 2018.

It will have a 220-metre rotor and tip height of 260 metres.

The manufacturer anticipates initial shipping of the turbine will take place in 2021, along for projects to be online from 2022.

Offshore wind developer Vattenfall is partnering with GE on developing the turbine to aid bids at future offshore wind auctions.