Hybrid blade material research programme launched

DENMARK: Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) will look into the best ways of mixing fibreglass and carbon fibre into a new hybrid material to be used in wind turbine blades.

DTU researchers will look at different ways to mix carbon and glass fibres

The EU Horizon 2020-funded project will look into the best way of combining the two materials to create a single hybrid composite that is light and strong.

Over the next three years researchers at DTU’s wind energy department will look at the microstructure of the composite material.

Carbon fibres are lighter and stronger than glass fibres, but the latter can be cheaper and extended further. DTU hopes to create a synergy between the two materials.

They will use optical and electron microscopy and 3D X-ray images to discover which kind of composition is best.

"We work experimentally and look at manufacturing technology, For example, how glass fibers and carbon fibers can be mixed in the hybrid composite and how we can achieve a controlled microstructure," said DTU section manager Bo Madsen.

As well as the researchers, including PhD students, Danish company Fiberline is involved in the project.