Influential and interesting in 2018 -- Pierre Tardieu

Chief policy officer, WindEurope

(pic: HMC/Michael Zapf)

Keeping the EU member states on their toes with renewable-energy policies

Tardieu joined WindEurope (then the European Wind Energy Association) in 2011 as a policy adviser.

He replaced Kristian Ruby, now Eurelectric secretary general, as the trade body’s chief policy officer early in 2017.

Next year is set to be pivotal for Europe’s wind industry.

EU member states will have submitted their national action plans under the EU’s renewable energy directive, with wind power expected to form a major component of many countries’ plans.

Tardieu will be keeping a keen eye on the promises and pledges they make and holding their feet to the fire to ensure that meaningful progress is made.

WindEurope is focusing on the wind sector’s future in a subsidy-free environment.

Much of its attention is now placed on how best to transition away from state backing, and on the emergence of corporate power purchase agreements.

The uptake of such contracts has yet to take off in the same way it has in the US, but with WindEurope’s encouragement and the growing appetite of corporations, that looks set to change.