Influential and interesting in 2018 -- Duncan Berry

CEO, LM Wind Power

GE stalwart leading the world’s foremost rotor-blade designer and manufacturer

It was hardly surprising that Berry was so complimentary of GE in a recent interview with Windpower Monthly — he’s a former employee of the US giant, after all.

But it did indicate the level of confidence and backing the Danish blade manufacturer has received since being acquired by GE in 2016.

LM Wind Power is probably the world’s premier blade designer and manufacturer.

Its integration with GE, a process led by Berry prior to taking the CEO role, has looked seamless in comparison with other recent industry mergers.

Now, with the backing of GE, LM is expanding rapidly, with new sites in China, the US and Latin America.

It is also driving innovation, unveiling the record-setting 107-metre blade for GE’s forthcoming 12MW offshore turbine, and introducing two-piece 77-metre blades as standard on GE’s new 4.8-5.3MW onshore machine.

Berry admits that designing a two-piece blade "would have been harder" without the financial security of GE’s deep pockets, but this, and other, innovations that come as a result, are set to change the industry.