GE supplying first US hybrid

UNITED STATES: GE Renewable Energy has been awarded the contract to supply components to the country's first commercial wind-solar hybrid project developed by Juhl Energy.

The hybrid project in Minnesota is due for completion by the end of 2018

The 2.5MW community site in Minnesota will comprise a single GE 2.0-116 turbine and 0.5MW solar PV system.

Bank of America is providing financial support for the project and has agreed to buy the Renewable Energy Certificates generated from the project.

GE said it will incorporate the solar element of the project into the wind turbine’s converter "increasing system net capacity by 3-4% and annual energy production by up to 10%", the manufacturer claimed.

Pete McCabe, CEO of onshore wind at GE Renewable Energy, said, "By leveraging the complementary nature of wind and solar, this unique project shows how GE is driving technology innovation that will help customers deliver more renewable energy in an even more efficient manner."

The site is expected to be online by the end of 2018.