Mitsubushi to monitor Japanese battery

JAPAN: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will monitor and control battery and power conditioners for energy storage systems capable of enabling about 600MW of wind turbines to be connected to the grid.

Eurus Energy's 57MW Soya Misaki wind farm on Hokkaido

Hokkaido Wind Energy Transmission Corporation’s (HWETC’s) 240MW/720MWh storage systems will be located at its Kita-Toyotomi substation on the northern-most of Japan’s main islands.

Engineering company Chiyoda Corporation is designing and building the storage systems, which will be part of a grid reinforcement pilot project.

HWETC, which is leading the pilot project, started construction in October and plans to introduce transmission facilities and storage systems that will enable "about 600MW" of wind capacity to be connected to the grid.

Mitsubishi's Blender RE system will control the 240MW/720MWh storage component

The wider project is expected to be operational by March 2023.

Mitsubishi will deploy its Mitsubishi’s Blender RE energy management system to monitor lithium-ion batteries with output of 240MW and 720MWh storage capacity. 

Blender RE can help to balance electricity supply and demand, Mitsubishi claimed — including, for example, power surpluses as more wind farms come online.

This will help to strengthen the grid with stable power supply, it added.