Goldwind gives details on 8MW turbine

CHINA: An 8MW turbine plus a model with a 184-metre rotor diameter are among four new designs from leading Chinese manufacturer Goldwind.

Goldwind previously offered its GW154 6.7MW for offshore applications

Its GW168-8MW turbine is the most powerful turbine in China, the manufacturer claimed, as the country ramps up its offshore ambitions.

The manufacturer has also announced a GW168-6.45MW turbine suited for both low-wind speeds and typhoon conditions, and a GW184-6.45MW model.

Goldwind claimed its GW168-8MW is suited for sites off China’s south-east coast and its design has been certified by Chinese authorities.

It expects the first prototype to be installed in the second half of 2019, it added.

Meanwhile, the GW184-6.45MW is suited for the market north of China’s Yangtze River and average wind speeds of 7.5m/s, Goldwind claimed. It has also received design certification.

The company suggested its GW168-6.45MW is suited for wind farms in the East China Sea off the coast of Zhejiang and in the South China Sea off the coast of Guangdong.


Alongside the three offshore models, Goldwind also announced a GW155-3.3MW onshore model for mid-low wind speeds.

It features upgraded load and noise reduction features, Goldwind claimed. The manufacturer added installation of the first prototype is "progressing smoothly".